Thursday, March 1, 2012

Springing into March

Its a new month and that's always a great time to take a look back and to plan ahead!  Lily's Quilts has a Fresh Sewing Day at the beginning of each month and I love that idea, so I'm jumping in this month.  February was not as productive as I had hoped, but I got a few things accomplished.  Some pillows to go in the Etsy shop...

A cute red heart pillow to add a bit of Valentine's cheer to my house ...

And some blocks for do. Good Stitches got finished up and sent off.

That doesn't seem terribly productive at all, now does it?

This week I will be finishing up a cute gnome embroidery project.  I've been doing alot of doodling lately, and that turned into embroidery ideas, and that just might turn into a new line of patterns in my Etsy shop.  This fella isn't finished yet, and I'm not sure I like the chain stitch for the mushroom top so that may change before you see this in its final form.  Its messier in person than this photo shows.

My Orange Waves quilt, based on the New Wave Quilt by Oh, Fransson is also on my list of WIPs to finish up in March.  I've got two and a half columns done.  The pieces are all cut, so its just a matter of sitting down and sewing it all up.

And recently I stumbled across these Sunbonnet Sue blocks from a few years ago.  When I first got into quilting, I wanted to make a Sue quilt for my baby niece. Her nursery was primarily yellow and green so this quilt would have gone nicely.  But time passed, and this quilt didn't get finished.  I need to finish up the Sues, choose fabric for sashing and get 'er done.  I'm going to try to get this into the Etsy shop soon. 

And my final task for this month?  I think I'd like to change my online identity.  I have an idea for the name I'll use, and a super sweet logo to go with it, but I haven't pulled the trigger.  It means transferring the blog to its new name, changing the Etsy shop, and changing my Flickr and Twitter accounts too.  If you have any advice on recreating your online identity, please share!

I'm linking up with Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet.  Its a great spot to meet new bloggers so be sure to go and check it out! 
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  1. Love your pillows, they are so cute! I am so jealous of your gnome embroidery. Gnomes are pretty much my favorite thing ever, so I would totally buy some patterns if you started selling them!

  2. Wow what a lovely blog, leapt here from Lily Quilts Small Blog Meet. Look forward to seeing more of your projects very inspiring :D.
    All the best,
    Jo :)

  3. Sometimes I have to scroll through a few pots before I decide whether to become a follower, but I know straightaway with yours! Beautiful things! As I scrolled down I was thinking 'oooh I'll mention that in my comment...and that' until I realised it was all of it lol!

  4. thanks for your lovely comments on my blog I love all your feb sewing! sunbonnet sue especially! x

  5. Hi there. Over from SBM @ Lily's Quilts. Loving those string blocks :)

  6. great pillows! the Dresden is nice and cheerful :) Happy 1st of March!

  7. Love your pillows and the string blocks!

  8. Found you via Lily's Quilts and I'm going to be following. Looking forward to your embroidery patterns.

  9. So glad I found your blog in Lillys Quilts. I love your pillows and your idea's .. I'm in the learning stages so I am in awe.. You have a new follower.. Thanks


  10. So nice to find you via Lily's Quilts. Like the others who commented, I think your pillows are fabulous! Will have to check out your shop on Etsy, too.