Saturday, March 31, 2012

What about me?

Can you believe its the end of March already?  It seems to me that the year has hardly started, and here we are a quarter of the way through.  Work and family stuff has kept me out of the sewing room lately, but I started a little project last night.  My dear friend's mom is doing the snow bird thing not too far from me, and when we went out for dinner she mentioned that she is having a hard time finding a soft sided case for her sunglasses.  "I can fix that!" I said. 

So into the sewing room I went to choose fabric and get to work.  This is what happened when I started sewing.  She rested her little chin on my knee, and looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

And I melted.  Poor Miss Katie needed some love.  So we had a little tummy rubbing time instead.  More on the glasses case soon, along with a pretty star block for do Good Stitches.


  1. Just want to say hello, I found you on Karen's FAFF and am now your latest follower. Your puppy dog is adorable. Looking forward to visiting your blog again.
    @ Bits 'n Bobs