Friday, March 2, 2012

Scraps, Scraps, Scraps!

Everyone has a bin or basket of fabric scraps, and mine has finally reached the point where it needed some organization.  I've used lots of scraps for the do. Good Stitches blocks, but the last time I went scrap diving it was kind of a pain to filter through.  There are so many great ideas for scrap storage, like vintage wire baskets at The Cottage Home (visit to see a studio worth drooling over!) or a handy over the door shoe organizer like the one at Elsie's Girl  but my favorite is the large canning jars that I saw at I Like Orange Too. She did a whole tutorial on making the lids match the scraps - click on the link to read more.

courtesy of I Like Orange Too blog

I got these large Ball jars at my local Ace Hardware and spent just a few minutes sorting the scraps.  The jars came in a set of 6, and I thought that was probably enough to start with.  After a wee bit of sorting, we have a Red & Pink jar, an Orange / Coral / Yellow jar, a Green jar, a Blue & Purple jar, a Whites & Creams jar and a Black, Brown & Grey jar.  Easy peasy, organizing squeezy!

I haven't done the lids to color coordinate, because I think the colors may come and go in different jars, depending on what I'm making.  But these are a fun way of seeing what I've got to work with and its like using your stash as art.  (Ignore that stack of wall art that's wrapped up in vintage sheets behind my table, won't you?  This little house just doesn't have enough room for all my stuff.)

Anything that was more of a strip or about an eighth of a yard just got folded and stacked back in the basket.  There's scraps, and then there's scraps, you know? 

How do you organize your scraps - do you separate out the tiny bits from the 'less than a fat quarter' bits?  Got 'em out where you can see them?

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