Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Is for Sharing

Its Friday!  Even though I've worked weekends for several years, every Friday morning I feel like I'm about to have a break, and that makes me want to plan fun things for my free time.  Whether I've got plans in the evenings with friends, or I want to get out in the garden or maybe get cracking on my next craft project, Friday is a day for daydreaming.  I've decided Friday posts on Hot Pink Peonies will be for sharing inspiring things found on the web.

Flickr is such a wonderful place to find inspiration, to join groups with your interests, show off your work (be it blankets, babies or blossoming gardens), participate in hobby related swaps and bees, and to socialize through photography.  do. Good Stitches is on Flickr and that's how we stay in touch with one another and create the quilts.  For quilting and sewing specifically, you can find groups that do swaps of finished items, blocks or fabric itself. You can also join quilt-a-longs, and see what other sewists do with your favorite fabric lines.  There's so much fun to be had!

Some days though, its just pure inspiration.  I love seeing different color combinations and learning new techniques.  Click on the links below to learn more about each photo - many Flickr users will include a link to their blog.  And aren't those quilted cupcakes cute?  My niece is all about the cupcakes these days, so I was thinking I might surprise her with a cupcake themed doll quilt.

1. Bliss Stars Top by Why Not Quilt  2. Pillow Talk Swap by This Crafty Fox  3. Garden Steps Quiltalong by Clover & Violet  4. Friday Night Sewin Project by Stitched By Me 5. Sparkle Punch Progress by I Dream in Fabric 6. Quilted Cupcakes by Quilted Cupcake  7. Hexagon Quilt by Quarks & Widgets  8. Best Bee Quilt Ever by Kelby Sews  9. Granny Squares by Sew Deerly Loved

Are you on Flickr too?  You can find me there as Hot Pink Peonies Sews.

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