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Readers want to know where I am coming from, eh?  I'm a crazy Buffalo Bills fan who used to watch the Redskins and the Ravens, but now its the Bucaneers!  (What kind of socks does a pirate wear?  Aaaargggghyles!)  My favorite job is being an aunt.  I've celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday several times now, and I adore my dog.  I love playing in the dirt, and sharing what I've found.  I'd love to hear from you, so either leave a comment or drop me a line through hotpinkpeonies@gmail.com.
Princess Muddy Paws

"You said I couldn't dig a hole, you didn't say I couldn't lay in the flower bed."

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  1. Wanted to thank you for your visit to my
    blog today.. you said you were just north
    of me and have been going through the TS
    the past few days.. hope you don't get any
    more bad weather this afternoon.. it's really
    windy here right now in the TB area. For
    such a little storm, she sure is being a
    Stay safe also.
    I need to look into your blog because I'm
    also a stitcher...
    take care