Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Everyday Sewing Projects

Sewing little items for everyday use is a fun way of using your favorite fabrics, and getting just what you want!  I've finished up a couple small sewing projects lately.  Ages ago I saw these cute earbud holders over at Dog Under My Desk (how awesome is that for a blog name?  Katie would wholeheartedly woof at that!)  She has a fabulous blog and some really cute patterns in her shop too - its worth a click to go visit!  Since I was in my usual lazy mood, I didn't bother using the computer and decided to just wing it.  I didn't want to fuss with a zipper, so I didn't.  It could probably be a little bigger, but it works for now.  I love this red floral fabric, and it goes nicely with my little red earbuds.

I listen to audiobooks on my phone or MP3 player while I'm walking Katie or on my way to work, and I really needed a place to keep my earbuds safe.  This way they don't get tangled and hopefully will last longer.  Even though there is no zipper, they are fairly secure in their little pouch but I would like to try Erin's tutorial one of these days.  If I make this for my 11 year old nephew, I'd definitely go with the zipper version since well, he's a boy and not as careful with his stuff.

And speaking of my sweet doggy dog Katie, I realized that some of her collars were getting rather worn.  When I first adopted her (yay Petfinder!) I bought a bunch of cute handmade collars on Ebay and she has enough of a wardrobe of them that we switch them out alot.  I picked the most worn one, figured out how it worked, and then chopped off the hardware to reuse it.  Add in a scrap of Mezzanine with some fusible web and before you could say Bob's your uncle ...

By the time I finished I thought of a couple ways to make it better, so a tutorial may be forthcoming.  Isn't her little dog tag cute?  Her name & my phone number are stamped into the other side.  I got it from a wonderful Etsy seller called Poochy Couture, and she has a ton of darling designs for both cats & dogs.  I bought some for my sister's menagerie for Christmas gifts and had a fun time choosing them. 

My little darlin' is all preppy and ready for Spring, although she's so furry her collar is rarely visible.  You'll just have to trust me its there!

She's probably thinking "Can you stop with the camera and let's get back to our walk?!?!" 

What have you been working on?

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