Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Swap Sample

Do you know what its like when none of your friends are interested in the same activity that you are interested in?  It gets a little lonely, doesn't it?  When I started out knitting I had a friend who liked to knit, and she had other friends who liked to knit so we all got together a couple of times a month for a Stitch & You-Know-What for drinks, dinner and knitting.  It was fun to see what the girls were working on and inspiring to see new techniques, not to mention how we got downright giddy over sales at the local yarn shop.  Now that I'm in Florida, my knitting is at the far ends of my radar (its just too hot!) and I am all about sewing.  But I have no one here to giggle with me over my newest Amy Butler stash or sympathize with me over how many times I sewed fabric wrong sides together on my first paper piecing adventure.  What's a girl to do?

(Ok its not that bad, but I thought he was kinda cute.)  I've started blogging more regularly, and I've been delving into groups on Flickr to find some fabric loving peeps to virtually hang out with.  I'm tickled pink with my do Good Stitches circle and we've just started up a secret swap so we're learning more about each other and that's tons of fun.  I also joined an ongoing swap group - its called Table Top Swap and this round is devoted to table runners and table toppers.  Swappers have been assigned, and my swap-ee requested a square so of course that's what she's getting.  I've been stalking my partner by looking through her Flickr photos of finished work, see the photos she's favorited, and I've been reading her blog to learn more about her.  I decided to do a sample of the finished piece that I'll be creating for her, with the intention of posting the photo to see if she gives me feedback.  Here it is spray basted & ready for quilting.  This is 24 inches by 24 inches.

She seems to like stars in various forms, and I found myself drawn to one particular block full of half-square triangles.  After a little while I realized its very similar to the Love in the Mist block I did for the HGTV discussion board swap last year, and I knew I could handle that so I supersized it.  I was aiming for something traditional but not too simple.  

Do you have local friends who quilt too or are you joining online groups to find stash-a-holics who'll understand you?  While I'm thinking about it, thanks for reading about my quilting adventures.  I'd love to hear from you & learn about yours!

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