Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites

There are always so many fun things out there on the internet, and there are a few treasures I found this week that I would like to share with you.  My niece will be having a sleepover with me soon, and I thought a little crafty project would be fun.  We might make these cute fabric flowers from the tutorial at House of Smith's.

Then there's these yummy looking apple turnovers from Echoes of Laughter.   This is one of my new favorite blogs - she posts lots of great ideas for parties, decorating, recipes and all kinds of cute stuff.

If you need chocolate instead of something fruity, head on over to I Heart Naptime for her White Chocolate Butterscotch Cookie recipe.  This is on my 'must-bake-now' list!  Don't they look yummy? She has included a cute printable recipe card too.  It couldn't get easier!

Did you think I'd forgotten about quilting? No way!  Here's a few Flickr favorites from the past week too.

1. small things embroidery, 2. Doily & Mat Series: Doily #2, 3. Leaf Potholder, 4. Blitzen Table Topper, 5. QST on grass, 6. Cutting Edge Quilt, 7. DSC_0381, 8. Rose Garden Table Runner, 9. 123:365

Yeah ok, that last picture isn't quilty or crocheted or knitted goodness but aren't those peonies lovely? Super cute next to the handpainted chair.  I need to paint a chair like that!

So much inspiration!  What's been inspiring you this week?

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