Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle

My free time has been seriously limited for a couple months so I have had to resign my creative time to portable knitting and hand sewing, but I've gotten back into the sewing room at last.   I'm getting caught up on do Good Stitches blocks as quick as I can.  My little buddy has finally decided the new pillow I made for the sewing room is acceptable to her.  She doesn't look too happy that I'm taking pictures though, does she?

I've been wanting to play with half square triangles (HSTs) in a format other than pinwheels, and decided to seize the day.  It took forever to choose a color concept, but eventually I picked out three Anthropology fabrics and two coordinating solids.  I was inspired by Jeni's Vintage Sheet Pillow Cover Tutorial at In Color Order. I loved how her placement starts in one corner, rather than creating a diamond bulls eye in the center. I wanted more stripes though, so I went with smaller piecing. These were 3 inch squares, creating 2.5 inch HSTs.

Like the pretty pink tape on my sewing machine?  It helps me keep my seam allowances a little more accurate.  Chain piecing makes this type of project roll right along fairly quickly once the cutting is done. Leaving the pieces connected makes the second seam on HSTs go super quick!  After some trimming you get to arrange them and the fun really begins.

Chocolate and teal!  Its very simple, and might be more interesting with more than 3 fabric choices but I like it so far.   I'm just not too confident in mixing fabrics yet. 

Sorry for the quality of the cell phone photos - my camera was at work.

What are you working on?


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    1. Thanks Amy! I'm hoping to finish it up soon and then I see a chevron pillow in the same fabrics following along right after. I love playing with HSTs.