Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Week of the Halloween Banner

I've been admiring all the fun pennant type banners on the web for a while now and thought I'd whip up one for Halloween.  Are you laughing hysterically?  In retrospect, I am now laughing hysterically at the thought that I'd 'whip it up.'  This is taking forever!

First I made a pennant template from quilting template plastic.  I decided how many little pennants I needed to spell out EEK - SPOOKY - BOO along with the spacers.  I cut out an assortment from a fun Halloween paper pad from Joanns and came up with a combination I liked.  Then I cut out pennants that are 1/4 inch larger all around, out of black cardstock.  I glued all those together and I wondered where my evening went!  I think it took about 2 hours in front of the telly including cutting a couple of mistake pennants that came out upside down.  The glass of wine might have made the cutting take a little longer than it should have, but I wouldn't confess to that in a court of law.

Then I had to decide how to put them together.  I thought it would be cute to use eyelets because I am hoping it will allow for greater flexibility in the swag of the banner.  I just bought 3 new lovely black bookcases for my living room and got them all put together, and the banner will hang across these.

To install (is that the right word?) the eyelets, I finally got to use my Crop-A-Dile!  It was a Christmas gift a few years ago from my dad but I've never used it.  Of course I didn't have the eyelets I wanted so that delayed the project a couple more days until I could get to a store.  Then I took the pennant pieces, eyelets and tool to work with me thinking that I could work on the banner in between customers.  I didn't take the directions, so I was clueless as how to use the Crop-A-Dile.  Took me a few hours to have the You Tube lightbulb moment, but I found a good tutorial and was able to start inserting the eyelets.  Of course the Murphy's Law of retail is that as soon as you get involved in a project requiring your complete attention, customers will come in the shop.  No finishing the banner that day.  So I finished the eyelet installation last night after work and started in with the letters.  I didn't have the orange glittery cardstock at work yesterday, so I printed up some letters on copy paper and took them home.  So I cut them out, traced them onto the orange cardstock and then cut them out again.  I decided they were too boring just applied that way, so I got out a black inkpad and tried to ink the edges.  The inkpad is somewhat dried out, so that didn't turn out how I expected either.  For the love of Pete!

Anyway, here's the EEK part and its spacers.  I don't want to quit, but I am pretty sick of this banner already so I might just string these 5 pieces together and move on to another project.  I think the two big lessons learned here are that
     A. I need a Silhouette or Cricut for cutting out letters and
     B. its best to have all your materials and tools in one place to help the project move smoothly. 

Ah well, all's well that end's well and I have had fun squeezing in time to do a little papercrafting project.

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  1. Man oh man do I know how you feel getting "bored" from a project before its done. Heck that's why I only have 3 of our 4 dining chairs are refinished, the last one is still waiting in the garage for me to be motivated again :+)