Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Gambler Adds to Her Stash

I do love Kenny Rodgers but I don't love it when the cards don't fall my way.  My favorite pink peonies fabric Peonies from Pop Garden by Heather Bailey was on sale at the Hancock's of Paducah website so I ordered 2 yards.  I'm planning on using it in the front room somehow, probably a slip cover for my sewing chair and maybe a matching cover for the machine. I also got a yummy yard of Pineapple Brocade, because who can resist $4.98 a yard?  Its so pretty in person - sunny and cheerful and it almost glows.

I also bought a Moda Scrap Bag for a steal.  Half a pound of Moda fabrics for $7.  I've been eyeing these for some time and finally took the plunge.  Its a crazy roll of the dice to order a small stash of fabric without knowing what you'll get.  What would it be?  Pretty muted tones from Fig Tree Quilts, Sweetwater or 3 Sister.  Geometrics or flourishes from Kate Spain, or great prints from Sandy Gervais or Lila Tueller. Maybe Bliss or Pure or a collection of the rich tones of their many Christmas lines?  I love lots of Moda lines and I thought what the heck - lets see what I get!  My collection is 30 strips of 3 inches wide by about 33 inches long of fly fishing, bears, log cabins and pine cones.  Its Holly Taylor Classics.  Insert big sigh here.

So not my taste.  Or anyone I'd make a quilt or other project for.  Maybe I'll use these for a charity quilt?  Its a cute line and its Moda so the fabric is wonderful, its just not a theme that works for me.  Maybe I'll list them on Etsy and let some one else love them.

So to turn this frown upside down, I'll also share some charm packs I bought recently on Etsy.  Evening Mist and Rue Saint Germain charm packs plus a stack of Amy Butler charms.  So pretty.  I think when I'm done with today's project, I'll do a pin cushion in some of the Amy Butler fabrics. 

Did I say something about today's project?  Why yes, yes I did.  Stay tuned for a Halloween project!

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