Thursday, September 2, 2010

Work in Progress: The Craft Room

I've gotten alot of work done in the little sunroom at the front of the house.  I've decided it will be a craft room / studio space since it is so sunny and light.  French doors on one side face the neighbor's pool, and windows on the other side look out into my little courtyard.  I think if I place a chair in the right spot, I'll be able to sit and knit while watching birds at the birdfeeder and that thought makes me very happy.  There may be cafe rods at the center of these windows the next time you see them though.  When this room is lit at night there is not alot of privacy.  The french doors on the other side of the room are definitely getting sheers, but I haven't quite decided about these windows yet.  And don't mind the box of empty boxes in the forefront of the shot, but it does show that I've gotten some work done!

This week I got all the yarn loaded into the knitting cupboard which is pretty exciting, although the books and notebooks of patterns don't fit.  I think I have a plan to solve that problem although it requires some work in my master bedroom.  I did get alot of the boxes that were in this room unpacked and that feels good.  The knitting cabinet used to be full of canvas bins with yarn organized by weight, but since the stash has gotten somewhat larger in the past few months, I decided to do the mounding technique that alot of knitters use.  I never thought the shelf would be this full!

Sorry for the photo quality - clearly I need to use a tripod!  This shelf doesn't even include cottons, acrylics, crochet thread, 2 chenille cones, or my tiny fiber stash for spinning.  You can definitely fit more in by not using bins or containers though, so I've learned an important lesson.  I've also learned I need to put a moratorium on yarn purchases!  The next big decision is seating.  For a no-cost solution, I have an old black wicker chair in this room now and it needs a cushion.  I'm thinking of using Heather Bailey's Peonies from the Pop Garden collection, since this room is where alot of HotPinkPeonies crafty-ness will occur.  And the green background to this fabric looks nice with the already green walls.  A pillow in this would also look nice if I decide to paint the chair white or, saints preserve us, hot pink!

My other option are two brown garden chairs that I got at Target this spring when most of my furniture was still in Virginia.  They are not necessarily all that comfy for long term sitting, but it would make a cute conversational area against this wall.  My option for pillows for these chairs is a Michael Miller fabric from the Lagoon line called Bird Swing.  It has a brown background, so it looks great with these chairs.  A big shout out to Material Gal on Etsy - her prices are great and the selection is even better!  I got both these fabrics from her.

Decisions, decisions.  I'm leaning towards the black wicker with the hot pink peonies fabric.  I mean really, who are we kidding?  What do you think about these two choices?

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