Sunday, September 19, 2010

Re-thread is the old re-boot

Its been a busy week for me between work and my niece having surgery on Thursday.  My plan was to spend a little time sewing before work this morning and I got all set up with the machine in its new home in the sunroom.  Its a simple Singer machine and I call her "little bird" since she's well, a Singer.  (I crack myself up.)  I haven't used her in probably 3 or 4 years so I needed to refamiliarize myself with everything.  Put the spool on and got the thread all threaded properly.  Found a white bobbin and loaded it.  I had a little trouble bringing up the bobbin thread so I took that part of the machine apart and blew some air in to get the dust out.  My project was going to be hemming a simple curtain for the bathroom window, and I had the brilliant idea of doing a test patch of sewing before I put the good fabric in.  I am so relieved I did, because the bobbin thread got all wound around itself and there are loops on the backside of the fabric and the whole thing is a big ole mess. 

I checked the manual and of course it says to re-thread the machine and try again.  Apparently re-threading the machine is the equivalent of re-booting one's computer.  I am not amused.  The manual suggests that the tension isn't right, but I don't think I've ever touched the tension so that doesn't seem to be the answer.  I suppose something may have happened during the move, but I made sure she came in a car instead of the moving truck because I wanted her to have an easy ride.  900 miles in the car is alot of jiggling and jostling.  So anyhow,

I rethreaded and the same darn thing happened. 

I checked Singer's website for troubleshooting help.  It said to rethread the machine.

I rethreaded and the same darn thing happened.

So I left my little patch there and I'm going to have to take it in somewhere.  I am very sad.  If anyone happens to have any ideas for me between now and Tuesday morning please feel free to pass them on.  Tuesday is my day off, so the little bird and I will be taking a ride to the sewing machine doctor.


  1. That happened to me last week - so frustrating! I rethreaded and it worked fine. Although, when it happened before, my bobbin wasn't wound very well. It had lumps and bumps of messed up thread wound around it. Could that be it? I have a Brother machine. I'm not sure if that makes a difference though.

    Good luck with your surgery!!!

  2. Good luck at the Dr. Hope your little bird is feeling well soon and that your able to put her to good use.