Saturday, March 28, 2009

An algae green cowl - sounds gross, looks great!

Another lovely quick project! I really enjoy doing small pieces like cowls - this one is called The Darkside Cowl, its by Sarah Fama, and I found it on Ravelry. (All roads no longer lead to Rome - they lead to Ravelry!!!) I used some pea green yarn that was given to me by a former knitter (she overdosed on scarves for Christmas gifts one year and & has sworn off knitting for a while. She very sweetly passed along her leftovers to me.) I think its acrylic, but I might be wrong. Its very stretchy, which I guess makes it good for a cowl so it will stretch over the head easily.

Anyhoo, I love this pattern - its easy to follow and things keep changing so it stays interesting. Not to mention, it makes for a lovely finished object! I think next to cables, anything that resembles basketweave is my second favorite thing to knit.

[caption id="attachment_111" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="the Darkside Cowl in algae green"]the Darkside Cowl in algae green[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_112" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="totally scrunchable!"]totally scrunchable![/caption]

And speaking of basketweave, I have started a new scarf in a gorgeous deep forest green, in alpaca.  I officially adore alpaca - this is Misti International Misti Alpaca Chunky and it is the softest yarn I have ever used. It reminds me of the satin bindings on my blanket when I was a little girl - the ones I rubbed so hard they wore out. How I loved that satin binding. There is just something terribly comforting about rubbing something soft on your cheek.  This pattern is Basketweave Scarf by Ann Budd, also available here from Knitting Daily.  I really like how the sides undulate with the basketweave, and its an easy pattern to follow.  Its good for semi-short-term knitting too, since the repeat is only 18 rows.  I think I am doing this for a friend of mine who wanted a soft scarf to wear with his topcoat, but I just might keep it for myself.  It would be a nice color for a Michigan State Spartan's fan, but he might not be so lucky!  I'd made him a cabled scarf out of some Noro wool/silk two years ago, but he thinks its too scratchy, so I started this.

[caption id="attachment_113" align="aligncenter" width="257" caption="Super Soft Alpaca Scarf"]Super Soft Alpaca Scarf[/caption]

And I learned that I really need to find a better place to photograph my projects, instead of the dining room table.  The chandelier makes huge shadows!

I also finished another berry sweet preemie hat - used the circs this time, so the main portion of the hat went super quickly. Not bothering with a photo, as I don't want to bore you to tears.  Also did one that looks like a pumpkin.  I am really enjoying the i-cord stems.  What a neat trick!


  1. I love this pattern too!.. It looks great♥

  2. Great color! Love the stitch too.

  3. Great patterns - must try some basketweave. Totally agree with you that there is nothing better than satin bindings on blankets!