Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I can't believe its past mid-April and I haven't posted in forEVER. Well, its been a while at least. I haven't been knitting much, since I don't have alot of free time these days.

How can I amuse you? Let me see - how about the preemie pumpkin hat?  Hats this size are fairly quick to make, and I am hoping it looks as sweet as I think it does.  This is the Seamless Preemie and Newborn Pumpkin Hat that I found on Ravelry (big surprise there) by Cathy Gilroy.  I love, love, love the way she has crafted the decreases at the top - they make a lovely shape - see them in the second photo.  I've done two now.

[caption id="attachment_118" align="aligncenter" width="183" caption="Preemie Pumpkin Hat"]Preemie Pumpkin Hat[/caption]


This is going to be part of the group of hats I send along to the Helping Kids at Hopkins Group on Ravelry.  If you're a Raveler, check out the Brag and Vote discussion thread to see some really cute hats!

Ok, back to work for me.  Check out my shop blog and register to win an excellent gardening tool  - leave me a comment before April 25!

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  1. The hat is too cute! It looks just like a pumpkin. Perfect for October babies.