Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Halloween Pillows

Do you watch as many home decorating shows as I do?  I just love seeing the makeovers and getting tips on how to update a room on a budget.  Its true when they say one of the easiest ways of adding a pop of color is to bring in pillows!  And you know how I love to make pillows.  My living room is rather dim, so I took these outside to get better light.

This past weekend I made these two.  The larger print pillow is just a simple envelope style pillow cover.  I love this print.  It's really nicely detailed and has all the essential Halloween motifs - black cat, spider, raven, bat, the words RIP and Boo.  Mwa ha ha ha.

This one is a re-designed version of my Halloween pillow from a couple years ago.  I cut my cat out in felt and appliqued her onto a woven cotton I found at the quilt shop.  Its softer than burlap, but not as tightly woven as muslin or quilting cotton.  I like the look of it, but I want to try quilters linen next.  My original pillow was in fun prints, but this one feels a little more sophisticated and doesn't scream Halloween.

Do you update pillows with the holidays?  I'm thinking a Halloween quilt needs to go on my to-do list!

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