Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!  Here's a few fun things I discovered recently that you might like!

Have you been to Toxic Paper Factory?  I learned about this fun site from How About Orange.  My nephew is not a fan of arts & crafts projects, but ninjas?  Ninjas might be the exception!  These look like fun.  Download a free project here.

For my fellow embroidery enthusiasts, have you seen Sugar Cookie's wood floss holders?  I found her on Etsy, and this is her daschund floss bobbin.  He's made of birchwood, and she has some other cute designs too!

made by

Halloween is on the horizon and I've been pinning ideas to my Halloween Pinterest board.  Click to hop on over and find some fun ideas there too!

Did you stumble across any great discoveries this week?

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