Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not all Those Who Wander are Lost - Some are Just Learning to Quilt

This is my second attempt at free motion quilting.  The first time I dropped the feed dogs and changed the foot, and it was quite the work of art.  (Insert sarcastic sneer here.)  Kind of looked like a baby using a crayon for the first time.  Scary!  This time, I did nothing different with the machine - I just fed the quilt sandwich under the needle and went to town.

It was easier than I expected, although this is by no means perfect.  Its a wide meandering, so its not technically stippling.  Wiiiiiiiide meandering, dare I say wandering!  My stitches are not even lengths, and some of the curves are a little pointy, but I think its ok for a beginner.   You can see the quilting itself better if you click on the photo to enlarge it.  I still can't manage to achieve the same quality of photos in blogland as I can in the photo editing software. 

You can see the quilting better on the backside of course.  Its a small quilt, about 18 x 25, made with a set of disappearing 9 patch blocks.  I had intended to get more of the fabric & make it larger, but they were out of stock.  Its a cute size that could be used as a doll quilt, or perhaps as a doggie quilt?  There are a couple of places in the house that Katie will go to during thunderstorms, but those spots are just hardwood floor.  I thought maybe having a little rug to lay on would make her more comfortable.  We'll see later this week for sure, because there are storms in the forecast.

The front is fun!  I messed up one of the big 9 patches, but I did not catch my mistake until it was too late, so this is a little scrappier than a thoughtfully planned disappearing nine patch! 

Any advice for a beginner?

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