Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

If variety is the spice of life, its also the spice of creativity.  Sometimes I think you need different projects for different moods, and certainly your circumstances create limitations.  I'm planning a road trip soon so I'll be bringing along some knitting and probably some embroidery.  No hand quilting in the car for me!

Here's the January block for Birdie Stitches.  I've got all the fabrics cut and partially sewn for the borders, but I don't have the borders on the blocks all just yet.  This requires some planning, so as to be sure I don't end up with certain fabrics right next to one another.  I love the January block - I made my birdie red for a winter cardinal, and the snowman is a fairly predictable blue.  But I made the snowy swirls pink.  I kept thinking about the blizzards in DC two years ago, and walking Katie in the deep, deep snow when there were no cars around.  It was so peaceful and truly beautiful, and for me it was food for the soul.

And here's May.  Yes, I know its weird to skip months like that, but I wanted to start with May because that's when I joined in and I figured I'd catch up with the other months later. Call me kooky.  So May was actually finished first, and I used purple for the field of small flowers because I used to bring my mom violets on May Day when I was a little girl.  The larger blooms are all sunny colors to celebrate spring.

I'm finding that even though I take my time sewing, I still end up crooked.  What is up with that?

Moving on to a new project, a couple of weeks ago I got a crazy notion that I wanted to do a pink and orange quilt.  I decided on the New Wave pattern from Oh, Fransson and found about half what I needed in my stash.  A quick trip to the LQS for some additional fat quarters and Bob's your uncle. Or so they say.  I've finally gotten everything cut and started sewing the columns this week.  I'm really excited about this one!

It's a well written pattern and easy to follow.  The time consuming part so far was the cutting.  Well, I started off with a brief delay of a few days because I didn't have a large enough piece of quilters template plastic to use for the 6x9 block template, but once I got past that wee hurdle I was on my way!

I thought I had a good shot of my orange & pink fabrics all stacked up but I can't find it.  I've been very out of sorts this week for some inexplicable reason.  The sewing has helped to center me, and since I've gotten two embroidery blocks done I feel like I've actually accomplished something. 

What are you working on?

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  1. love your birdie blocks, the bright colors are right up my alley! the pink & orange is lovely too!