Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Not much quilting going on at my house.  My works in progress are more organizational than crafty these days and there's nothing terribly interesting to share at this point.  Unless you'd like to discuss how many sets of mixing bowls you think a girl needs, and where precisely she should put them in her awkward kitchen cabinets. ;)

I have finished 2 rows of my Orange & Pink Waves, using the New Wave pattern from Oh, Frannsson.  I really like the pattern, and I really like the fabrics I've chosen but I'm having a hard time keeping my seems even.  Sewing on the diagonal is harder than you'd think for a newbie.  I'm finding it difficult to get the triangles matched up evenly on the sashing as I go along.

I was quite tickled to finish the second column, but once I lined them up on my bed I realized that some of the sewing is a little off.  I think I used more than the standard 1/4 inch on one or more section of sashing on one column, or perhaps less than 1/4 inch on the other column? 

"Houston, we have a problem"

The odd thing is, that when I switch the placement of the two columns, the error doesn't seem quite so bad.   In this photo below, I matched the left side of column A to the right side of Column B instead of A-right to B-left.

And the error(s) isn't quite as dreadful.  There is definitely still a problem though, and I want to fix it before moving on.

I'm also 'working on' being brave enough to cut into my collection of Pop Garden and Nicey Jane for the Kaleidoscope Quiltalong.  I'm just not sure I've chosen the right color values, and I would hate to begin cutting and then end up with a bunch of scraps on the design wall that don't play well together with the pattern.   On the knitting front, my nephew requested a Jedi cloak in black and I've been working on that using the Wizard's Robe pattern from Charmed Knits.  I don't think I've done any knitting in almost a year, and I'm finding it very relaxing.  Plus that allows me to accomplish something while I'm sitting on my tush watching various shows on the DVR.  Getting something done while veggin out - gotta love that!

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