Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stash Enhancement

On my day off this week I decided to stop by fabric heaven, aka Rainbows End Quilt Shop.  I have to tell you, just walking in to the place is good for the crafty soul.  There is inspiration everywhere with shop samples and lots of fun extras, like gorgeous woven ribbons, fabric glitter, patterns and quilting supplies galore.  I was looking for some Breakfast at Tiffanys to add to an upcoming project, but I didn't find any.  Not to worry though, I found plenty of other trouble! 

Some red fat quarters for no special reason, other than I adore red.  The top right is tiny dark red polka dots on a tomato red background.

I was also looking for fabric to go with this gorgeous Flower Fairy panel from Michael Miller.  Last fall while I was waiting for some yardage to be cut at the very same shop, the lady ahead of me showed me what she was getting and I just couldn't resist.  (Temptation is everywhere at this shop!)  I impulsively bought the panel, figuring if my niece didn't like it I could find another recipient, but she does and I want to get to work on it soon.  Of course I forgot to take the panel with me, so I was guessing as to whether any of these fabrics would work.  I couldn't find any other coordinates from the original panel, but I think one of these will do, don't you?

And then I found some other cute prints I just couldn't pass up.  The cupcakes will become a half apron for me to wear at work and the girly pattern will probably become a drawstring bag for travel and toting various things around.  If I still had a vanity, I'd re-upholster the chair with the girly print, but alas there is no vanity in the house I'm living in now.

I'm on a semi-fabric diet.  My plan is to use up some of what's in the stash already, but you know you never seem to have exactly everything you need once you settle on a pattern.  At least that is what I am finding in my own stash.  The red FQs above were half off, and I don't have a specific plan for them, but I'm sure I'll find some way to use them!

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  1. I love the fabrics! Can't wait to see what you do with them all!