Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Katie Quilt

The Katie Quilt is finally finished!  The binding seemed to take forever, but I think I was a little more interested in watching the episodes of MI-5 on my dvr than I was in working swiftly. I used a couple of black & white FQ's which set off the green sashing quite nicely. I also did a double layer binding this time so we'll see how it wears in comparison to the Daisy Chain quilt which has only a single layer.  Always learning!

It was a beautiful sunny day when I finished - I sat out on the patio with an audiobook in the MP3 player and zipped right along.  I love the Mezzanine backing.  This quilt is long and narrow, and perfect for using on the backseat to protect the upholstery.  I think it will also work nicely on my bed where she lays, to protect my own bedding from her dirty tummy.

And speaking of dirty tummies, this is what I saw after my little photo shoot.  She rarely digs in the yard, but on occasion she likes to dig a bit in a flower bed.  On this day, she was burying a rawhide with her nose.  Her nose and paws are usually white or cream - not dirt colored!  Isn't she a cutie?  I didn't yell at all, so please don't think she's been scolded.  She is the best dog, even when she's a bit naughty.

I think she's thinking that if she doesn't look at me directly, somehow I won't notice!

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