Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I caught the bug!

The hexie bug that is!  Have you seen all the gorgeous hexagon creations out there on the internet lately?  I've seen some lovely antique quilts in Grandmothers Flower Garden and some hip new creations too - pillows and table runners and all kinds of cute home decor in modern, fresh fabrics.  Its amazing how changing the fabric can change a pattern. 

I found some hexagons to print & cut for the paper piecing part, and sat down last night with a selection of Erin McMorris' Wildwood fabrics.  Pinks and greens and yellows seemed like just the thing.  Three hours and several dvr'd episodes of TopChef later, I had a stack of flowers-to-be!

I can see how these can become addicting.  You just finger press and baste, and finger press and baste, and time passes very quickly!  I'm not sure what these will become, but I'm loving the hexie bug!


  1. Cool! I love that Sophie's Garden fabric. I've used that before too. It's so bright and happy, isn't it?

    That hexagon shape does remind me of my grandmother's quilts. Love that! Great job!

  2. Ellen, your hexies are soooooo pretty!