Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Staying Busy!

Not much to report along the knitting lines, but I do want to pass along a chance to win something!

My shop has been very busy with the 'social media' lately - I set up a Facebook page and I've been Twittering like a madwoman. In an effort to get more attention on Facebook, I have another giveaway going on now through Sat. June 20. Either be our friend on Facebook or leave a message on our blog and tell us something about butterflies. I'm giving away a 'Create a Butterfly Garden' Gift Pack - a butterfly feeder with a starter pack of nectar crystals (they like the same sugar water as hummingbirds), a great little book called Creating a Butterfly Garden by Marcus Schneck, and a jumbo pack of seeds that has about 14 different flowers that butterflies like to visit. The seed pack has enough seeds to cover 45 square feet.

Yes, I am trying to buy new friends on Facebook with the chance to win a prize, but you can also enter to win (or enter twice!) by leaving a comment on our blog, so the Facebook thing isn't strictly necessary.

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