Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Goodness

I am embarrassed to admit that I never got a single new shot of my blooming peonies this spring.  I sniffed their heavenly fragrance almost every morning on my way to work, but most days were so gray and overcast that I put off taking pictures until it was too late.  I'm really kicking myself now.

Instead, I will share my glorious hydrangea - I just love the large deep green leaves on hydrangea plants in contrast with the gentle pink of the blossoms.  I have never tried changing the pH of the soil to get blue or true hydrangea colored blooms.  I'm just happy with what I get naturally.


My garden fairy with a normally beautiful hosta that is now being eaten by something evil.  Anyone have advice on helping it?   Yes, when you own a garden decor shop, you can have beautiful things in your garden!  Isn't she lovely?  I've named her Ophelia.


And the grass, yes, grass growing in my birdfeeder.  Apparently when you go away on vacation and it rains a whole lot, the seed mix sprouts its own garden goodness.  I have cleaned it out now, but I haven't seen my cardinal couple in a few days.  I hope they forgive me and come back soon!

seed sprouts


  1. Your garden looks lovely. I have never seen bird seed sprout in the feeder before. They must be hardy seeds. I have trouble with snails and slugs too. Only the non-organic pellets work for me, but I try to use them sparingly, only as a last resort.

  2. Hi, it looks like we have gardening in common.. Come and see my pics over on my blog.. great job..

    Diane Mumm