Saturday, February 16, 2013

Katie's Cabin

Don't you just love how traditional blocks can still feel fresh and new depending on your fabric choices?  The Log Cabin block has been around for ages but the fabrics make the quilt special every time.  Fons and Porter sent me this great Build Your Best Log Cabin e-book that can be downloaded from their website.  Its chock full of instructions and ideas for using the Log Cabin block and creating your own quilt.  I've only done 2 log cabin blocks in my quilting life so I thought why not?

Fons & Porter's e-book - click to visit their site

My sweet dog Katie comes to work with me everyday and I decided she needs a little floor quilt for when she's not greeting customers.  She's gotten in the habit of snoozing on the anti-fatigue mat that I keep behind my cash register counter which makes things a little difficult for me.  I hate to make her get up and move every time I help a customer, so I'm thinking if she has a special place near the counter maybe we'll both be happy.

"Its hard working greeting customers & supervising my human"

This e-book is really full of good stuff.  I love how they provide a little history of the block and show some examples of antique quilts too.  Isn't it amazing to think we're making the same quilt blocks that were new and trendy in the mid-1800's?  They have included instructions for the traditional Log Cabin block, the Courthouse Steps block plus the Chimneys & Cornerstones version of Courthouse Steps, and also instructions for a Chevron version of the Log Cabin.  This e-book just keeps on giving!  You can make your own quilt design using the blocks, and they give you lots of details on how many strips to cut for 5 different sized blocks for each of those three block patterns along with setting option ideas.  Then there are 4 quilt patterns included in the book too.  Its really a treasure trove of goodies!  There are also a couple other interesting things in the book, but I'll let you discover those on your own.

So here's the fabric pull - I thought pink and aqua would be fun.  Its time to start cutting!  I really love this e-book from Fons & Porter and I hope Katie will love her quilt.  I'll show you when its all done!

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