Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here and There

Here and there I've been working on a bunch of things, and it always feels like no matter what I get done the list is still long.  I've created new branding graphics for the blog and for my Etsy shop.  I wanted a vintage-looking sewing machine and some pink peonies of course, so this is what I came up with.  I use DrawPlus for graphics, both for work and fun, and it seems like I'm getting faster at completing things.  Hopefully that means I'm getting better too!  (DrawPlus is available at in both a free trial version and a paid version with lots of bells & whistles.)  I couldn't figure out how to get the quilt to look like its draped over the tabletop. 

When I get some time to put my feet up, I've been working on a new embroidery pattern I drew.  I love Celtic knots and I love the well known Irish Blessing, so out of my colored pencils came this pretty knot.  There will be a flower ring around the whole thing too - it will be a great pattern for hoop art or for a pillow cover.   "May the road rise to meet you."

Another item on my to-do list is a new doggie mat for Katie.  A while ago I did a disappearing nine patch with a small charm pack and it finished out at doll quilt size so its just barely big enough for her to lay on.  She's been using that in my bedroom instead of her giant doggie bed.  She seems to like having just a little cushion between her and the floor, so I want to make her a new one that is a bit bigger.  Another nine patch might be just the thing, so I tried a couple ideas on paper before sewing & chopping.  We have the disappearing kind and the not really disappearing kind here. I think she'll end up with the second version below. 

Using colored pencils is just so fun.   Work is keeping me busy these days, so the sewing has fallen by the wayside this week.  Its never far from my thoughts though.  Monday is my day off & I'm looking forward to sewing all day long!

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