Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Its Wednesday again, and that means its time for a Works In Progress roundup, and a visit to Freshly Pieced

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Have you tried paper piecing?  I've seen some wonderfully creative blocks on the web that use paper piecing to make a shape within a block, and then there are all the gorgeous variations of New York Beauties.  In March, our assignment for the Inspire Circle of do Good Stitches was to use the Lone Starburst pattern from Six White Horses, using a combination of navy, aqua, kelly green and citron, with a white background and center stripe. I'm embarrassed to say this is still a WIP but I should be able to finish tonight.

What I love about being in a group like do Good Stitches is that each month, I get to create something with specific instructions and it almost always gets me out of my comfort zone.  We are either using a color combination that is new to me, or a new pattern, or a new technique and that helps to expand my skills as a quilter.  Plus of course I'm helping to make something useful and comforting for someone else.  I love this block, but man does it take a long time to matchup fabric, sew, flip, trim, matchup fabric, etc. etc. etc.  A. Long. Time.  Its a gorgeous block though and its going on the list of blocks to be included when I do a star sampler quilt. To learn more about do Good Stitches, please visit our Flickr page.

Another WIP is the sunglasses case for my friend's mom.  I am kind of winging it, and I've decided the prototype isn't quite right so I'm trying to figure out a new strategy for making it more of a clutch.  I tried putting binding on the flap edges but I had some difficulty so I ripped it off.  My friend said her mom would prefer bright & cheery to shabby chic florals, so I've gotten a new fabric combo ready to go.  It has to be ready by our lunch date on Monday, so you'll see the finished product soon!

And since I thought you deserved something pretty to look at, here is my blooming orchid.  I bought this plant on St. Patrick's Day when I moved to Florida in 2010 and its doing pretty well considering I have not been treating it very well.  She needs to be repotted for sure.  The blue & white china flower pot was a gift from parents several years ago when I started a new job, so it makes me quite happy to see a plant enjoying it!

What have you been up to?

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  1. Your plant is during extremely well...aren't they suppose to be hard to grow???? I love the color in your star block