Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

One of the fun things about moving into a new home is seeing what pops up in the garden over the first year you're there.  These were taken just this week.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

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I know everyone else has known of this inspirational phrase for a long time, but it has been repeating itself in my head alot lately.  I finally looked it up on Wiki, and learned a few details.  It was apparently printed on a poster by the British Ministry of Information in 1939, in an effort to improve morale but few of the two and a half million posters ever made it into the public eye at that time.  The BBC news suggests it was the greatest motivational poster of all time, and they might be right.

You've probably seen lots of parodies of it on t-shirts and whatnot (do a search on Etsy for "keep calm" and you'll find some real treasures!), but its a great concept and a simple mantra to remind us all that we can get through.  I think I need the poster for my studio.

Luckily the copyright has expired and we can all reproduce and plagiarise it to our hearts content.  So today's thought is...

Keep Calm and Eat Pie!

Friday, July 23, 2010


So I've finally gotten all my stuff moved in to the new house and I'm thinking about maybe changing color schemes here and there. I've really only committed to three areas - the office space is black & white with red and then my bath is light blue with silver and mercury glass accents. That bath already has a beautiful embossed wallpaper painted in a pale blue, reminiscent of the old tile ceilings. The guest bath is pink flamingos with aqua accents. Love it! So there's three decisions made, but they're really the simplest.
spa blue bath

I thought that once I got my furniture into the house it would be easy to 'see' what I wanted, and whether I wanted to stick with my old color schemes. Not so much. The very front room of the house is painted in a lime sherbet color with a gorgeous tile floor in white and terra cotta with black accents. I've put in a black wicker chair and my pine craft cabinets. The room is sunny on two sides and I think I'll be using it as a knitting space and a crafty place for when my niece and nephew come over. Not sure what to do there, and that's just the beginning! I need to choose color schemes for the dining room / kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom and the guest room. Insert big sigh here.

Have you ever done just a simple image search for "color" on Google or Yahoo? Oh the things you'll see!

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I don't want to get too cliche and fill my house with palm trees and pink flamingos (just a bathroom full is ok, right?) but the tropical inspiration out there is heady!

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 This one might be a bit much for me, but I like the color combo

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 I love the idea of removable vinyl wall stickers, especially in a rented home.  NouWall on Etsy has some beautiful choices.

gorgeous wall vinyl from NouWall on etsy

More soon!