Monday, November 15, 2010

Dragonfly Luminaries

Haven't had much time to get crafty at home, but I got crafty at the shop. Saturday night was Wines the Blues in Dunedin with music, food, drink and thousands of people. Yes, thousands!!

I've been trying real hard to get people around the corner and into the shop, but the street there gets kinda dark at night. Why not light it up with some cute dragonfly luminaries? I took my logo & simplified it to create a stencil template. It was super easy - I just traced it with pencil & cut it out. Cutting the wings so wide created some cute wing-like holes in the sides of the bags too, so they really let out alot of light.

Add a cup of sand, put a candle in a small mason jar & voila! Dragonfly lights to help you find your way to Dragonfly Garden.  My sister worked in the shop while I worked out on Broadway at a booth-type table with a few sample items, just to give people an idea of what's in the shop.  She said one customer asked if she could buy the luminaries because they were so cute! How is that for a compliment?


  1. When I lived in Alabama there was a neighborhood that decorated their properties during Christmas. They all lined the front of their yeards with these luminaries. I think they look so pretty at night. :)

    Looking forward to another visit from you over at my blog. :) Lots going on and plans for an awesome 2011 with sponsors and giveaways.. :)

  2. Neat. Those would definitely catch my eye!