Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cables, cables, cables

Is there anything prettier than cables?  I am making fingerless gloves for my sister.  They were supposed to be to keep her hands warm this winter, but winter is fading fast in her neck of the woods, and I only have one finished.  It is just so pretty though that I had to

Aren't they lovely?  This pattern is Fetching, from  The cables all swirl in one direction on the right wrist, and in the opposite direction on the left wrist.  Very demure.  I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease for easy care.  I don't know how they'll stretch or wear, but we'll see.  This is a perfect blue for Elizabeth.  Looking at the photo though, I seem to have done one cable row, one row too soon.  Ergh.

It really is a fabulous pattern - easy to read, and an easy on-the-go project too.  I love, love, love this patter, and I am curious to know how many people have knit it.  On Ravelry alone, there are 10,371 pairs listed.  TEN THOUSAND!   How cool is that?  Plus several "Fetching-inspired" projects and patterns available too.  A big thanks to author Cheryl Niamath for her inspiration, and for sharing!

My photos do not look as crisp as some others I have seen on blogs.  I am still learning how to use my new camera, and hopefully things will improve.


  1. Aren't cables addictive? I'm still trying to figure out how to take better pics with my camera. I often use the "macro" setting when I'm up close. And I'm just starting to play with white balance and those preset settings for different lighting.

  2. See if your camera has a "flower" mode (a closeup setting). I find this creates clear, crisp needlework photos--great for demonstrating cables and stitches. I enjoyed visiting your site with its blend of birds/garden and knitting.